Arnold Alum Talks About Championship Season With FSU Soccer

2013 FSU Soccer Team: Kirsten Crowley
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Panama City Beach, FL---No doubt about it, 21013 will leave a lasting impression on former Arnold soccer star Kirsten Crowley.

She was a key player in Florida State's ACC championship this year, and helped the Lady Seminoles finish as National runner up,

And while this was a season of great strides and moments for Crowley, it's just the beginning of what's to come, or so the redshirt sophomore believes.

Debuting for Florida State this fall, Kirsten Crowley was focused on just doing her job. But with a season under her belt, the pitch is her's next year.

"Well I think this year," Crowley says "I gained game experience and next year, I'll feel more comfortable and more confident on the field to try more things and to contribute and to find my place on the field instead of coming out and just being new."

Playing in 26 of FSU's 28 games and logging over 2,000 minutes, the former Arnold star played a key role for the Seminoles defensive unit, helping lead the program to their second ACC Championship in three years.

"We all knew the ACC Championship wasn't our ultimate goal," Kirsten says "but our coach said that if we're gonna play in a championship game, we need to win. To play a championship was important to us so we wanted to win and we wanted to carry that through to the National Championship game and have a sense of entitlement that we deserve to be here and let's go. It's time to play. We are champions. We're ACC Champions. And now let's prove we are National Champions."

Crowley and her teammates were on the verge of accomplishing their national title dreams, but fell to UCLA in overtime of the College Cup Final. Yet Kirsten says the outcome only strengthens her team's hunger.

"It gives us incredible motivation to know that we were this close. i think it;s really gonna help us next season because we returned (to the Final Four) three (straight) times and we don't intend on taking our foot off the pedal."

Crowley's come a long way in a short time from her day's playing at Arnold, but knows none of it would be possible without those back home.

"I can't believe where I came from and where I am no. It's unbelievable to me and I'm just so thankful to everyone who's gotten me to where I am right now."

After the break, Crowley and her teammates will start their off season training program to work towards a fourth straight Final Four appearance and the program's first ever National Title.