Arnold Blanks Rutherford on the Pitch

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Panama City Beach, FL---On the pitch at Gavlak, the girl's soccer teams of Rutherford and Arnold going at it on Thursday. The Lady Marlins won their first meeting in November 9-1.

This one going pretty much the same way. In the highlights attached above, following an early hand ball, Kelli Crowley takes the penalty kick, and makes it 1-0 Lady Marlins.

A short time later Sydney Means beats her defender, launches on to the corner, gets by the goalie, 2-0 lead.

Autumn Jaworski then scores twice, this her second of those goals, off the kick from Crowley, she gets it in front and makes it a 4-0 Arnold lead.

Then it's Crowley working her magic, check this out, dribbling in front, about 22 yards out, perfect shot, that makes it 5-0.

And then Gabby Champagne a crazy goal off the throw-in, left footed, high arcing show finds the back of the net. Arnold with 6 in the first 40 mintues, two more in the second half, to win 8-0. They go to 10-3 and 4-2 in district.

Mosley girl's also win tonight at Chiles 7-0, they're 8-1-2 6-0 in district.