Arnold Football Dealing with More Indoor Workouts

Panama City Beach, FL--With all the rain we've had recently in our region, really would it surprise anybody to see a guy with a long beard building a giant wooden ark, while rounding up a bunch of animals?

You can certainly count area football coaches among those who believe they've seen enough of the bad weather this August. The Arnold Marlins in particular are sick of it.

Thanks to heavy rain, lightning and the fact their practice field drains very poorly, the Marlins have had just three outdoor workouts so far.

That includes a muddy scrimmage this past Friday. Today again, inside the gym, but only after the volleyball team finished it's workout.

Safe to say James Hale is sick of the indoor practices.

"I think we can play anybody in the state of Florida in the the gym, beat 'em back, we're really good at that.' says Hale. "It's the outside stuff I'm not really sure about. We've had one scrimmage, one game type scrimmage, the whole fall camp. And never in my life have I been through that, in 32 years of coaching. But our field is built kind of on a swamp, and when it rains we have problems out here, and you know we've had a lot of rain. So we can't even get out there on the field right now."

Certainly holding the majority of your preseason workouts inside takes a toll in a variety of ways, says coach Hale.

"Contact, you're kicking game, really limited space in here, really the kicking game I'm worried about quite a bit. And the passing game, the quarterbacks haven't been hit, throwing the ball, like we've done in the past. We're behind but I"m sure everybody else is, we just can't use that excuse. We've just got to get...we'll get better as the year goes on. We'll get out there, the more work we do, the better we'll get."

The Marlins host Choctaw. Thursday night in a preseason classic, Hale says short of lightning, they will get that game in, even if it rains hard, and even if they have to play past midnight!

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