Arnold Gets "Classic" Win over Choctaw.

Panama City Beach, FL--- Arnold and Choctaw. are through their preseason classic and both now will set their sights on next week's regular season opener. The Marlins will do so coming off a win Thursday night.

Both teams, not unexpectedly, starting their game at Gavlak a bit sluggishly, with a few offside penalties and dropped balls.

On their second possession, the Indians got the offense rolling, capping a nice looking 70 yard, 14 play drive with a 19 yard td pass on a middle screen from Garrison Floyd to Adam Barker and Choctaw had a 7-0 lead.

Arnold got it's offense going in the second half, Nick Riley doing some nice running and eventually scoring on a two yard plunge up the middle which tied the game at 7.

Then later in that quarter, after Arnold qb. Treyshon Selders made a nice move to escape a sack, and hit Jordan Ostrovsky with a 31 yard pass down the sideline, it was a pitch to Anthony Nicholson going in on a 9 yard pitch play which gave Arnold a 13-7 lead.

That's how the first half ended, with the j.v. and freshman squads finishing up the final two quarters.

Next Friday Arnold opens for real at Pace, the Indians will open by hosting Catholic.

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