Arnold High finally gets to practice in some sunlight

High school coaches in the area were thrilled to walk out onto the field today and notice the sun shinning down on the field.

Among those schools, Arnold takes advantage and gets in some work as they look ahead to their third game of the season which comes against county rival Mosley.

Coach James Hale was pleased with the sun but concerned that part of his team is under the weather,

"We were so excited to come out here and practice and I get these phone calls, half our line's out sick. I don't know what's going, we come out all fired up and then half your guys aren't here. So we just gotta deal with it. The guys that were here, we had a really good practice. I love this weather, hope it stays this way the rest of the year. People don't realize our, I know here, I'm pretty sure the rest of the Bay County schools, we're three weeks behind everybody else. But most of the teams were are playing went through the same thing."

Mosley and Arnold with similar stories so far this season. Both hampered by all the rain, both opened with road losses, Wakulla and Pace respectively, both rebounding against smaller opponents as Mosley beat West Gadsden and Arnold defeated Amite.

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