Arnold Prepares to Host Bay

Panama City Beach, FL---For area prep football teams just two regular season games left on the slate.

Some area teams are out of playoff competition, others are still holding out hope.

One team from each category meet Friday at Gavlak. Bay's out of postseason play, Arnold however, even after getting blown out by West Florida last week, with a win Friday, and with a Rutherford win at Gulf Breeze, would find itself in a 3 way tie for the runner up spot in 5-A one.

"You know really I haven't to the kids about that." Arnold head coach James Hale told us. "We're just really trying to focus on trying to get a little bit better than we were last week. Just trying to be the best players we can be and the best team we can be. So we're really just focused on that, and the next game, really haven't thought much about the playoffs. We can't control that, the only thing we can control this week is every day coming out here and being the best football player we can to give us the best opportunity for success against Bay high school and that's what we're focused on right now."

We'll visit with Bay coach Jimmy Longerbeam Wednesday, get his thoughts on this rivalry game which is all about pride for the Tornadoes.