Arnold Set to Face the Season Ahead with 35

Panama City Beach, FL---The Arnold Marlins working hard to dodge some nasty weather while working hard towards the season ahead Thursday.

First year coach Josh Wright telling us his guys getting in good work despite the heat and the rain showers.

Wright says his guys paid the price during their summer program, and that momentum certainly seems to be carrying over in these early fall practices.

"Hey we're building with enthusiasm and effort." says coach Wright. "We're encouraged these past few days. Turnout's been tremendous, we're energized and charged. And now we're into the pads a little bit, we're half pads like the rest of the state of Florida. We're having to acclimate ourselves to the conditions. But just been dynamic, excited for the past four days, it's been all work."

Back to the work this summer, the dedication was there, but Wright says there is perhaps one negative result from all the work!

"Hindsight looking back we may have gone too hard. We're a little leaner than we wanna be but we run well. So hindsight we might have gone a little too hard, but we didn't go too light, I promise you."

Wright says he's dealing with about 35 on the varsity level, a bit low for a 5A team, especially in a tough new district that now includes Mosley along with the likes of Bay, Rutherford, Gulf Breeze and West Florida.

"Numbers will be a challenge for us." Wright says. "We're 35 on the roster. So we're a 5A school with a 3A roster. That being said, I think the way we roll guys in and out, in positions, the part time two way players. I think we've got the right scheme for getting those guys they breaks they need, to be full time players when on the field. So yes, it's a concern and we can't afford to get anybody hurt. So right now we're gonna be real cautious to get into the season with 35."

The Marlins host Bozeman for a fall classic on August 23rd, then open the regular season on the 30th at Holmes.