Arnold Sophomore Golfer Hoping for Return to State

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Panama City Beach, FL---It's unusual to find freshmen or sophomores contending down at the state tournament.

Arnold high school has a sophomore that appears to be heading in fact, for back to back trips to state.

Lindsey Harrison seems like the typical high school student but what sets her apart is her love for the game of golf.

"Every time I go out there is always something I can improve on." says the sophomore phenom.

This time last Lindsey was shooting in the mid 90's which is very good for most amatuer golfers, but not Lindsey, so says Arnold golf coach Jean West.

"She has a work ethic that is just fantastic and it sets her above everyone else."

A bold statement but definitely one that Lindsey's game can back up.
Just this past week she fired an 83 at the county championships winning the tournament for a second year in a row, as a sophomore.

"If she continues the way she is working continuously," says coach West "she has a great support group. She has her parents, her private coach, we have a great LPGA Professional that works with the high school, Liz Kasey and with all that support, if she continues to work hard I think she can obtain any goal she wants to."

In just one year her game has improved by 10 shots. So where does she want to be a year from now? "In the mid 70's" Lindsey replies.

That certainly seems doable. Tuesday Lindsey backing up the 83 at the county tourney with a 78 at districts, beating the other 50 plus golfers there, boys and girls! Next week it's regionals in Pensacola.

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