For Arnold Friday night is another very big ballgame.The Marlins head into their game this week against West Florida with two district losses. In fact the fish have lost consecutive games to Choctaw and Pensacola, who have one and no district losses respectively. Suffice it to say the Marlins have no margin of error, they must win out in district play and that starts tomorrow night at home against a 1-5 West Florida team.

James Hale
Arnold Head Coach

"Yeah if you wanna make the playoffs you have to win out, there's no question about it. One more loss and we're out of it. I really do believe some things are gonna happen for the runnersup, I don't think that's over yet. Pensacola by far is just a different level than all the rest of us. They're one of the unbelievable defenses, one of the best defenses I've seen in high school football, they're not quite as good last year as they were on offense. So we're all playing for the second slot and we're all still in it, Bay's still in it, we're still in it and so is Choctaw."

That game Friday night at 7 at the Gavlak Sports Complex. Arnold with a 4-2 overall mark, 2-2 in district.