Arnold hosts a five team weightlifting meet Monday with Fort Walton Beach, Bay, Bozeman and Rutherford also taking part.

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Panama City Beach, FL-- Let's move it to the gym now and over to Arnold high school and a multi team weightlifting meet. Among the teams taking part, Fort Walton the 2009 2A State Champs, runnersup last year, and host Arnold, which hasn't lost a regular season meet since 2005. Bay, Bozeman and Rutherford also participating. That's Ka'ron Harvis of Bay tossing around 250 pounds in the clean and jerk.
Then it's Aaron Adamson of Fort Walton Beach looking to put up 240 pounds, and he does indeed lock that up, and then celebrates it.
Rutherford's Ryan Dauphin puts up 220 pounds......
Next up it's Joey Green of Arnold, looking to clean 190 pounds, and that goes up rather easily.
Sebastian Munroe, also for Arnold, gets 265 pounds up. Green Monroe and their teammates once again dominating, the Marlins rack up a total of 91 points in the ten weight classes, the Vikings second with 83, Rutherford third with 20. So Arnold's long regular season win streak continues.

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