Arnold loses season opener to visiting Pace

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla- The Arnold Marlins hit the field for their regular season opener Thursday night.

Coach Hale and his guys hosting Pace. Eddie Williams with the slightly separated and badly bruised left shoulder last week....but he did play QB, and safety for that matter. Marlins with an early spurt on the first series, Eddie rolling, pitches it ahead to Andre Allen who reverses field, and gets to the far sideline, tack on a late hit...but that drive later stalls.

Patriots would score a short time later, QB Devon Varney going up top to Patrick Maddox, a 42 yard strike, it was 6-0.

Arnold unable to sustain a drive, Pace on the move here in the second quarter, J.C. Curry tries to stretch it across, he fumbles but Pace recovers for the score. Patriots would add another score before Allen rattles off a 70 yard touchdown run, and Williams scoops up a fumble, goes 90 yards with it...unfortunately I missed both those plays while doing our live cut in from halftime of the Jag's game bummer 19-14 at the half.

Third quarter Pace adds another TD, Fish giving me another chance to capture some highlights first a 38 yard kickoff return for Andre near midfield.

Then it's Allen with some very good running, 20 yards here to the Pace 20 yard line, and then Williams caps it with the roll-out, and t-d toss to tight end Jordan Dnepropetrovsk, made it 26-22. But Arnold unable to slow down that Pace offense, just too many against too few in terms of players, Pace gets the 54-28 win.

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