Arnold senior to be Eddie Williams gets invitations to the two most prestigious national high school all star football games!

Panama City Beach, FL--To football and though we're still a few weeks away from Spring ball on the prep level, Arnold senior-to-be Eddie Williams is making some news tonight. The 6-4, 205 pound safety/receiver/qb for the Marlins has been invited to play in the two biggest high school national all star games. Those two being the USA Army All American Bowl in San Antonio, and the Under Armour All America Game in St. Pete. Since both are played the same week in January, Eddie will have to choose one or the other, he says he's leaning towards the Under Armour Game at this point, either way, the exposure is great for all involved.

James Hale
Arnold Head Coach

"It's a great honor for this school, the county, this region of Florida. We're going to get a lot of national exposure, which is great for our school, our county We're really proud of the kid for everything he's accomplished."

Williams, who caught 28 balls for 483 yards and 7 td's, while also racking up 44 tackes and five picks in the secondary, has already verbally committed to Alabama. Suffice it to say a lot of football observers think he's special, before he's even played one game of his senior season, I asked him with all this hype surrounding him, is it hard to stay humble and focused.

Eddie Williams
Arnold senior-to-be

" All this exposure and everything like that, I really don't look to it, unless it comes around. I really don't pay much attention to it. I just focuse on my school work, I'm still in high school, I base my life more around high school right now."
"All the national press that he's getting, it's a little bit different than the average player gets but he's a good guy, he has a great uncle that's raised him. So he's pretty well balanced, and I think he's gonna make the right choices. I think he's gonna stay committed to making the right choices and he's just gotta stay committed to doing the right things. All the time he's gotta think, everything he does, everything he says has gotta be the right things. Being the best student he can be, being the best person he can be and being the best ballplayer he can be. If he stays focused on those things everything can work out great for him. He has a great future and he controls that future right now."

By the way, Spring ball begins for prep football teams April 30th.

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