Arnold's Colby Baker Signs D1 Wrestling Scholarship

Panama City Beach, FL---What a day it was for an Arnold wrestler Tuesday, a wrestler who's really overcome some serious High School and a rather unique day in a couple of ways over there.

Senior Colby Baker signing a wrestling scholarship with Bloomsburg University, a division one wrestling power a couple of hours outside Philadelphia.
He's a county and region champ, made three trips to state.
One unique aspect here, Baker's the first wrestler to sign dee one out of Arnold.

"It's a very important thing for me. It's been, wrestling has been very influential in my life. It's helped me through a lot of different things. And I think it's helped me be a better person, honestly it's given me an awesome work ethic I think. And it's just a awesome sport."

Another unique aspect to his signing, Colby's overcome some serious health and injury issues to make it this far.

"I've had two major concussions, one shoulder hem, three knee cleanouts and viral meningitis. The meningitis was tough because that was right at the beginning of the season. I got sick with that at the beginning of October and just trying to fight back and get back my body into wrestling shape was really tough."

Oh by the way, Colby one of ten Arnold weightlifters heading to state Thursday. Quite a student athlete.