Arnold's Eddie Willams #4 on State Rankings List

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Florida- Some area high school football players are getting recognized by one of the big recruiting websites in Florida. Rivals Florida Varsity ranking has listed it's top 150 State players.

Arnold's Eddie Williams number 4 on the list for the top 150 players in the state. He's listed as 6-4 200 pounds. Florida Varsity said Williams is quote "Athletic...for a man of his size. He has great range and hits like a truck at safety. His size, however, may force a move to linebacker." Williams an Alabama commitment.

Joining Williams on the list is Dalvon Stuckey the website says quote "He's a run stopping machine. He clogs the middle and forces backs to run outside. He is quick off the ball and really uses his size well." Stuckey is committed to FSU.

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