Auburn Again Under Media Spotlight for Possible Violations

Auburn, AL---Tell me if you've heard this before. The Auburn football program is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons...again!

The website has a story quoting former Auburn players who claim the football program there arranged to have grades changed to keep them eligible, offered money to players to keep them from going to the NFL draft early, and violated recruiting rules.

The story alleges the height of this activity occurring during Gene Chizik's three year run which included the 2010 BCS Championship.

Running back Michael Dyer's uncle claims his nephew, a key player on that title team, was never even close to being academically elgible prior to the title game. On top of all that, ESPN's reporting Thursday as many as 12 Auburn players failed drug tests leading into that title game, but those results were covered up so the players could still play.
Chizik, through his agent, is denying the accusations. Other Auburn players are now coming forward and claiming many of the allegations in the online account are inaccurate.

Add Florida coach Will Muschamp to that list. The online story quotes Mike McNeil, a player on the 2007 Tigers, who claims Muschamp once gave him 400 bucks in cash, unsolicited.

Muschamp telling the Gainesville Sun he deny's that story, adding he "doesn't know where this is coming from."