Auburn Tigers football

Over to the SEC and the marquee match up there is set for Auburn. Coach Chizik and his Tigers, now 6 and oh, three and oh in conference, ranked 4-1 and 12th ranked Arkansas.
This game features two very good qb's, Ryan Mallet and Cam Newton, the latter, easily one of the most valuable players in college ball this season, accounting for over 300 yards a game and 21 td's total. So now he's dealing with added expectations, and the pressure that goes along with them.

Cam Newton
Auburn Quarterback

"I don't think it's pressure. I think it's something that's very special that you can bring some type of joy to this city as a whole. And everywhere you go people are gonna be there to remind you of that. It gives you the added dimension that you want to play hard because you're playing for so many people."

That game at Jordan-Hare set for 2:30 central, the Tigers are 4 point favorites.

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