Auburn and Alabama getting set for the Iron Bowl which just may resemble a track meet!

It's just about time to kick off another Iron Bowl. It is among the best, if not the best, rivalries in football and again this year, so much riding on the line. The Tigers still in the national championship picture, the Tide this time trying to play the spoiler. Both have high powered offenses, Auburn with 42 points a game, the Tide 35, so many fans expecting the football version of a track meet!

Gene Chizik
Auburn Head Coach

"I'd like it to be a track meet for our offense, but (laughs) I'd like that every week. But this is the number one scoring defense in the country so we're not anticipating that. We're anticipating an extremely tough game. They're giving up 13 points a game and in this league that's unbelievable. They're playing unbelievable defense, again this year."

Auburn's dee meanwhile giving up 25 per game, because of the seeming the defensive advantage, the Tide favored by 4. Kickoff in Tuscaloosa tomorrow 1:30 central.