Austin Summerbell Recounts His Trip to the World Series

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Panama City, FL---It's a long way from Panama City and Bay High to the 2013 World Series. But perhaps not as far as you might think. Certainly, Bay's Austin Summerbell had to travel and rather tough road to make that connection, but make it he did.

Monday we showed you how Austin was diagnosed and then successfully fought a cancer called "Undifferentiated Rhabdomyosarcoma".

Today we tell you how that battle led Austin to game four of the 2013 World Seres between the Red Sox and Cardinals!

After months of battling cancer, Austin and his family received a phone call straight out of left field from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, says Austin's father, Steve Summerbell.

"A few months back, they called and talked to my wife (and said) that he was gonna get to make a wish, which just kinda blew our minds because it was something totally unexpected."

Austin could go anywhere or do anything. His wish? To go to the World Series.

"I didn't expect much from it." Austin says. "I expected just to go watch a game. That's what I asked for. And I got a lot more out of it than I expected."

Like meeting a who's-who of the MLB.

"Dustin Pedroia. Miguel Cabrera. I met the commissioner of baseball. I met Big Papi." says Austin.

The biggest legend he met?

"Probably Hank Aaron. That's probably the coolest."

Austin and a fellow wish kid took the field before Game 4, and with the world watching, declared...

"Play Ball"

It's a day Austin will never forget

"I had so much fun. It was awesome. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Something I never thought I'd be able to see."

The trip wrapped up a trying time in the Summerbell's lives, says Austin's mother Susanne.

"It was kind of, in my mind, an end to it all because he's in remission and he's doing well. And it was almost to celebrate, even though non one wants to go through that, it was kind of a celebration or a closure to all of that."

Playing once again, Austin's returned to the sport that's kept his family's spirits high and allowed hope to grow.

His father says "It's great to see him back out there playing the game that he loves and being involved."

"Baseball, I mean, it has helped us out a lot to grow as a family. With Austin's issues this year, it's helped us get through and push us through some difficult times and I think it's kept us all going and kept him going."

And it will be great to watch Austin continue with his prep baseball career this coming spring.