BCS Report: Fisher and Malzahn Talk Player-Coach Bond

Newport Beach, CA --- You can't miss it around the area, something big is going to happen tomorrow night. That would be the 2014 BCS National Championship game!

Heck even the elevators here at the media headquarters make it obvious!

This morning, the last chance for pre-game talk from the teams.
Jimbo Fisher and Gus Malzahn speaking about their preparations,
starting with Jimbo, who spoke about his relationship with his players.

"We have a special group of guys on our team," said Fisher. "I've said that all along. We're an extremely talented football team, but I think we have better kids than we have players, I truly mean that. It's a group that on and off the field they do stuff the right way, they truly care for each other, they play for the right reasons. It's one of the most unselfish football teams, organizations, period, in not just football, that I've ever been a part of. They truly love each other and play for each other. To me as a coach you love to see that. It makes it fun to go to work every day because we have a tremendous staff, tremendous players and they're fun to be around."

Not to be outdone, coach Malzahn gave similar praise to his guys!

"I think it's very important that your players know that you care about them more than what they can do on the football field," said Malzahn. "I think even more can be said for coaching college because you've got to win, the pressures to win and everything that goes with that. I'm just very fortunate that we've got some great players. We're extremely close group. Our coaches have done a great job developing that trust and that relationship with our players, and I think that's one of the keys to turning this thing around, going from three wins to coming up here in one year."

One of the last pieces of business, the team photos at the Rose Bowl.

And with that done, the talking, and for the most part, all the practice and game planning is over with.

Remember to tune back in Monday at 6:00 for your last BCS preview with Scott on site before the 7:30 kickoff. That coverage you can only get here on NewsChannel 7 Sports.