Bama Preps for Trip to Aggieland

Tuscaloosa, AL---It's likely the Alabama at Texas A&M football game is going to get just a little bit of hype over the next few days!

The top ranked Tide and the 6th ranked Aggies fighting for the inside track to the SEC West title.

Alabama with the win over Virginia Tech under it's belt, followed by a bye week. The Aggies have two high scoring wins over Rice and Sam Houston State, 117 points overall. That latter stat's left an impression with Tide head coach Nick Saban.

"This is a fantastic offensive football team. You average 600 yards a game, you average 58 points a game, they did very similar statistically last year, over time, it's a great concept, they have the right kind of players to execute the concept, and they do a very, very good job of executing their plays."

Saban despite coming away with a big win over the Hokies in week one, his guys will have to execute their plays a whole lot better this week.

That game on our sister station WECP, 2:30 central. Tide's favored by 8.