Bay Flexes Muscle in Rutherford Weight Room Tuesday.

Springfield, FL---At first glance, it appears as if Bay is a little bit stronger right now than Bay Haven and Rutherford.

Those three gathering for a boy's weightlifting meet Tuesday afternoon at Rutherford, with the Tornadoes walking away with the meet win, garnering 51 points, to North Bay Haven's 41, and Rutherford's 18.

This the first meet of the season for all three of these teams.

The attached video shows the following:

-This the opening meet of the season for all three. Let's show you some early action from the bench.

-Bay Haven's Cody Meeks in the 139 to 154 class, he lifts 135 pounds with ease.

-Same class, this is Jamani Barnes of Rutherford, going after, and getting 185 pounds here.

-Bay's Daniel Ghant in that same class, he goes even higher, his bench 190 pounds.

-Follow that with Bay Haven's Ryan Ackerman in the 154 to 169 class, 275 pounds goes up. Ryan would win his class, but Bay would win the meet with 51 points,, followed by the Buc's at 41, and the Rams were third with 18.