Bay Football Players Lend a Helping Hand at Rescue Mission

Panama City, FL---Many high school football coaches will tell you summer is an important time in terms of "team-building" and cohesiveness.

With that in mind, Bay's Jim Longerbeam is working to make sure his players not only work towards those goals, but they give something back at the same time.

Coach Longerbeam encouraging his guys to spend part of today helping to serve lunch at the Panama City Rescue Mission.

Other members of the team spent part of the day at Oakland Terrace Park to help with the USFA Softball World Series going on there. They worked with field maintanence and served concessions.

Again this no doubt helping to build team unity, but coach says it's more than that!

"What we did is we contacted them to see if there was an opportunity to bring some of our kids down to serve." Longerbeam told us. "And what we could do to help. Because this sits right in the middle of our community. Right in our neighborhood. You know we talk to our kids all the time about giving back. You know, somebody's always got it worse than we do. So we feel like we have a responsibility to try and help.

Bay center Vern Barth was among the 15 or so Bay players on hand at the Rescue Mission Wednesday.

"We just really want to give back to the community. They support us in everything we do. We volunteer, we'd just like to do this more often. When we're out at Wal-Mart, people donate to us. We'd just like to make our team better and we'd really like to give back."

Xavier Longerbeam is Bay's quarterback. He too was anxious to help and sees the advantage of "giving back".

"This is how we bond, we come together over camps, feeding the homeless, working at places so. We come together as a team, we're almost family now, we're pretty much family."

Area teams like Bay continue to work in offseason fashion, the first official day of preseason practice is August 6th.