Bay Gears Up for Classic Friday at Northview

Panama City, FL--Talk about needing to make the most of a sunny day. Area football teams getting a rather rare day of sunshine Tuesday, and you can certainly count the Bay Tornadoes working hard to take advantage of that.

The Tornadoes looking ahead to their preseason classic in a few nights. Like most teams in the region, Bay's lost a few days to the weather, or at least been forced to practice indoors. coach Longerbeam says four or five days.

Tuesday they were out on the field, despite the somewhat muddy track, and happy to be "sweating it out" under the sun.

"Absolutely because you can't do anything, it's really hard to do anything live so we'll be out here, we got a good long workout today." coach Longerbeam told us. "We've got to get all our special teams and all that stuff in live and that type of thing. Our kids have done a good job adapting to it, we've obviously had to practice inside quite a bit, in the weight room. And had some classroom sessions and that kind of thing. So we've done a pretty good job. And the one good thing everybody's in the same situation."

Given they haven't had the normal amount of outdoor workouts, there is some concern, Longerbeam says, about conditioning.

"Well it is, and you can see the difference when you come out here at first, because of the humidity. Inside it's cool and the air conditioning, so it is a little bit different. But our guys have done a good job in the summer kind of getting acclimated."

Coach wanting to work an extra 30 to 60 minutes Tuesday, trying to take advantage of the sun. Bay travels west Friday night to face Bratt-Northview in their preseason game.