Bay High Hosting HSPD Football Camp Next Week

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Panama City, FL---While the wait for August action is weighing on all of us, many of our local high school football players will spend the next few months getting their games right to shine on the Friday night gridiron.

With the school year winding down, the summer camp season is starting up, especially over at Bay High, where they'll host the NFL High School Player Development Camp this Monday through Wednesday. It's the second year this nationwide clinic has touched down in Bay County.

Last year, former Rutherford head coach Alvin Dempsey ran it in Springfield. Now, the Torando's Jimmy Longerbeam is in charge, along with other local high school coaches, members of the NFL community, and the National Guard, who will all look to teach the kids about the game, but deeper topics, too.

"Bullying, academics as far as going to college, and leadership and that type of thing. So that's done, and I think a lot of the National Guard guys do that as well. So it's kind of the whole spectrum, not just football."

The three-day camp comes free of charge to all the sign-ups. After only 35 players showed up last year, Longerbeam says they have 125 campers already confirmed.