Bay Loses to Liberty, Wins Play of the Year

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Panama City, FL-- The Liberty Bulldogs beat the Bay Tornadoes 8-2 on the diamond last night, but chances are, no one will be talking about the final score. Instead, they will talk about Thomas Johnstone's catch.

The video attached should show the following highlights:

Also enjoyable for the Tornadoes was a miss fire by the Liberty shortstop which allows J.T. Duncan to score from second...

Next inning Bay would return the favor as Jonathan Hall sends it over the first baseman's head allowing Dustin Watson to put a run up on the board...

Still in the third, Caleb Barrentine sends one to right field which gets Micah McCaskill in from third.

Then the highlight of the day, and perhaps the highlight of the year, Chuck Morris roundhouses one to center but Bay's Thomas Johnstone, what a snag!

And Watson was in disbelief at home plate thinking there was no way Johnstone made that catch.

The double play would end the inning but Liberty would get the win, 8 to 2.