Bay Point Honors Women's Golf Month in June

Panama City Beach, FL---As the best golfers in the world go at it at Merion in the 2013 U.S. Open, a local golf club is working to get more ladies involved in the game of golf.

Bay Point Golf Club is recognizing "Women's Golf Month" this June by creating some financial incentives to bring the ladies out to it's two courses. Women get half off green fees after 12 o'clock, and lessons are available starting at five dollars!

Bay Point Director of Golf Trey Childs explains what this is all about.

"The benefit is to get more participation out here. We have roughly one in ten golfers are females here at Bay Point. And obviously to grow the game of golf you need participants young and old, male and female to participate. So this month we're providing great programs to get the ladies more active out here at Bay Point, but also to get them out active out on the golf course and hopefully that will carry on throughout the rest of the year."

If you're interested in taking advantage of all that, contact the Bay Point Pro Shop at 235-6950.

Here are some numbers in terms of participation. The National Golf Foundation reports some 30 million golfers, those who played at least once in the previous 12 months. Just 1 in 5 are female.

The numbers have been declining recently so clubs have to work to get male and female golfers back out in larger numbers.

Golf By the Numbers

-Roughly 30 Million Golfers in 2011
-Just 6 Million Female Golfers
-13% Drop in Golfers Over the Last 5 Years

*Source: National Golf Foundation