Bay and St. Joe Set For Game of the Week

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Panama City, FL --- Area high school football teams are anxiously awaiting round two of the high school season.

That comes tomorrow night, with some teams still gunning for that first win, others looking to go 2-0.

The match up between Bay and Port St. Joe pits two teams who fall into that latter category, making this our "Personal Attention Dental Care" game of the week!

Both Bay and Port St. Joe have seen all their hard work rewarded with wins in week one.

"I think anytime you start off with a win it's a good thing," said Tornadoes head coach, Jimmy Longerbeam. "Momentum, kind of validates that the kid's have worked hard all summer, that kind of thing."

Well I think our practices have been a little bit crisper this week," said Sharks head coach Chuck Gannon. I think you know coming off the win against Wewa we've had a little bit more pep in our giddy-up and everything like that."

But only one can stay undefeated.

"It's just one game, but it's obviously better than the alternative," said Longerbeam.

"You know we're looking forward to playing Bay. They're a good football team and we're gonna have our hands full on Friday," said Gannon.

The Sharks, a 1A school have a big challenge ahead, hosting the 5A Tornadoes.

"They got good lineman up front that do a good job," said Gannon. "They got a good quarterback that throws the ball real well. They got tackles, big receivers. You know we know we're in a mismatch but we're gonna give it everything we've got."

But coach Longerbeam and Bay are in now way looking past their opponent.

"They're a smaller school but they've got 4 or 5A talent. And they've got really good skill kids, their lineman do a really good job blocking. And I tell you what they're really well coached. You just watch them on film, they do a lot of things really well."

When it comes to succeeding this week, both teams know they need to execute their game plans.

"We've got to be really really good on defense and we've gotta be able to run the ball on offense," said Longerbeam. "We've just gotta continue to work on ourselves and not turn the ball over against them because they're very opportunistic."

"Well I think our kids understand that we're gonna have to control the clock," said Gannon. "We've got to minimize the mistakes and try to keep Bay off the field offensively as much as we can because they're just a very explosive offensive team."

No matter the size differential, only one team will be able to say they're two and oh when the dust settles Friday night.