Bay County Teams Wrap Sring with Jamboree

Panama City, FL--All five Bay County gathered Friday to put the wraps on spring workouts. All playing two quarters starting with Arnold and Rutherford who played both quarters against each other.

Interim coach Shawn Killets looking to impress, and his guys making a strong statement on Killet's behalf.

On their rirst possession, first play in fact, Dallas Davis tossed to Dondrell Harris, who picked up a nice seal block and then went down the sideline for an 89 yard touchdown making it 7-0.

Arnold answers with a nice drive and Hayden DeForge td pass to tie it, but following an Anthony Nicholson fumble which the Rams recovered, the Rams scored again. Dallas Davis tossing again to Dondrell, this time though it was a double pass, to a wide open Martin Ayon, it ends up in a 47 yard score making it 14-7 Rutherford.

After another turnover Harris taking a snap, and rolling right, then taking off, cutting back and thanks to a great block inside the ten, scored on a 24 yard run. It was 21-7 Rams.

Arnold did put up another score before the half ends, DeForge deep to Dario Batiste, a 39 yard score, still the Rams win the half 21-14.

The next quarter had Bay beating Bozeman 14-0. Bay's Telvion Malone Boyd with an 80 yard touchdown run, the highlight of that 12 minutes.

The Bucks stayed on the field for the next quarter, but fared no better against Mosley. The Dolphins winning that quarter 14-0.

The Dolphins then rounded out the night with a 7-0 win over Bay in the 5th and final quarter.

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