Bay District Schools implements guidelines for High School Football practice

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BAY COUNTY, Fla- High school football practice starts on Monday, and with high temperatures like we've been seeing coaches and the school board are taking precautions.

Bay District Schools has given the 5 Bay County schools some guidelines about practices to hopefully keep all the kids safe in this heat.

Many football teams have used a two-a-day practice schedules to condition and put in all their game plans. That's alot of time out in the heat. So, some schools are now just using one practice a day because rules allow them to practice all summer so they don't have to cram to get everything in. Still one practice in extreme heat can be dangerous.

So these guidelines have been given to help coaches keep their kids safe from the heat. Of course provide plenty of water, and take several water breaks. If the heat index rises above 100 degrees think about moving practice to a cooler time in the day, and if it gets over 104 stop practice all together and move indoors, or postpone to a cooler time.

"The heat part of it we've got a trainer out there," Arnold head football coach James Hale said. "If they get to feeling bad, get dizzy. Take your helmet off get some water, let us know what's going on. We'll take care of you. We don't want to kill anybody over a football game. We want to go out there, practice hard, go full speed. If you need a break take it. That's the approach we're going to have with it."

High school football practice starts Monday August 8th with players in shorts and helmets.

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