Bay High School Athletic Glenn Manley has turned in his resignation.

Panama City, FL--There's news Tuesday concerning the quickly changing landscape of the Bay High School Athletic department.
Athletic Director Glenn Manley has turned in his resignation. That comes in the wake of the dismissal of Head Football coach Frank Sorrells. Bay Principal Billy May making that move for what he termed better long term stability of the program. May's also hired Daniel Davidson to replace baseball coach Freddie York who stepped aside.
Coach Manley who was the A.D. at Bay the last 7 years, telling me today after holding down this 24-7 job that long, he's just kind of worn out, and it's time to spend a little more time with the family, and enjoy his Summer vacation. It's time he says to let somebody else take the reigns. Manley say's he's thankful for the privilege of being the A.D. and working with so many dedicated coaches. He does expect to remain at Bay the next two years in some capacity, and he's looking forward to that.