Bay Principal Billy May introduces his new head football coach Jimmy Longerbeam who comes down from South Carolina.

Panama City, FL-- Call it an introduction of sorts to the new head coach of the Bay football program Tuesday at the school's coach's office in the gym. As we told you late last week, Bay principal Billy May, on the right here, chose Jimmy Longerbeam, on the left there, as the successor to Frank Sorrells. Longerbeam comes down from Loris High School in Horry South Carolina, after inititally hearing about the job from Dale Brewer, the Pensacola assistant who first accepted, then turned down the offer to coach the Tornadoes.

Jimmy Longerbeam
New Bay Head Coach

"As it turned out he didn't take it and I called him and said Dale I hope you don't mind but I'm gonna apply. It's not just one thing, I think one, the school itself is a gold mine, I really do. I think there's the potential here to be very good. If you're gonna be good at anything athletic you have to have a supportive principal and I think we got that obviously in Mr. May. And you know I met this morning with the coaches and I think we've got more than an ample number of qualified coaches. And I'll be honest with you, to their credit they've been working with these kids all Summer with no head coach and I think that says a lot about them and how they feel about the kids in this school."

Billy May
Bay Principal

"Well I think he really sold our committee and our committee was a really nice spread, it was parents, it was a player, it was community members and booster club presidents. So for him to win them by a 5 to 1 margin was pretty much a credit to him. And if he could sell himself to that group of people which was a tough sell, he certainly sold himself to me."

Longerbeam with ten years head coaching experience, some of it here in Florida. He said coming back to the Sunshine State was another big factor in his decision.

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