Bay and Rutherford get "fogged out"

PANAMA CITY, Fla- The baseball game at Rutherford had to be postponed due to some heavy fog. The Rutherford Rams hosted longtime rival Bay.

Jesse Pace getting the start for the home team, in some trouble in the first, Michael Luina shoots one through the right side, that plates Jared Webster.
Same inning, bases loaded for Dylan Barker who squibs one towards the mound, Pace moving well, gets the force-out at the plate.
Then it's Matt Koyn bouncing one towards first, throw comes home, nice scoop by Foxworthy, Pace would end the inning with a strikeout.
Kevin Husum working with the slim lead, dealing in the bottom half, one strikeout, then another to end the inning.
Bottom two, Rams with runners at first and third, try the double steal, Pace goes to second, then the runner at third break, and he's
gunned down when Koyn blocks the plate.... Luin a three run shot in the 4th, Bay led it 6-0 in the 4th when they had to suspend play because of the fog...

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