Bay and Rutherford ready for football rivalry

PANAMA CITY, Fla- There's a big rivalry set for Tommy Oliver Stadium, one that also happens to be a playoff game of sorts, between Rutherford and Bay.

Let's focus on the Tornadoes first. Coming off a 13-7 loss at Washington last week, Bay's now 3-3 overall, but 1-2 in district, so another league loss, all but ends their hopes of making it into the state playoffs. So there's much more riding on this outcome than just the pride of beating their chief rival.

"We're right by each other, and certainly each team wants to redeem themselves from last week, and it's going to be a battle." Bay head coach Frank Sorrells said. "It's going to be a matter of the fewest mistakes. If we can make the fewest mistakes then that's the team that's going to win. Hopefully we can make less mistakes and execute when we have a chance."

That game at Tommy Oliver Friday set for 7 o'clock.

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