Bay's choice for Head Football coach changes his mind

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PANAMA CITY, Fla- Bay high school is yet again looking for a new head football coach. This news coming after they believed they'd hired the right guy.

Thursday Principal Billy May offered the position to current Pensacola High School offensive coordinator Dale Brewer. Brewer accepted, but on Sunday Brewer told May that he changed his mind and was not the right person for the job.

Bay has been searching for it's next coach since May when principal May did not renew coach Frank Sorrells contract, which is up at the end of June.

After posting the job, and getting several applications, May and a panel of boosters, alums, and parents interviewed five finalists, and Brewer was offered the job. The news that he will not take the head coaching job comes as a surprise but May believes it's better it happened now rather than later.

"Coach Brewer obviously saved us a little heartache by not coming. I'd hate it for him to come over for a year and decided this isn't what he wanted," May said. "So basically by telling us ahead of time and not moving over and starting I think he's doing us a favor. But the disappointment is coming from having to do the process all over again. The way that I see it we could go to number tow or three on the list. We could re-advertise, or we could look to have an interim coach for a year. But that we kind of be a last resort I think. That's not quite what I'm after, like I say I'm not into patching a program, I'm into building a program. I think we need to get somebody in here."

There's no timetable for when the next coach could be hired.


PANAMA CITY, Fla- Bay principal Bill May told Newschannel 7 sports Sunday afternoon that their choice for head coach has changed his mind about accepting the job.

May says that around 1:30 Sunday afternoon the school's pick, Dale Brewer, decided not to accept the head coaching position after previously saying he would be Bay's next head coach.

Brewer was set to be announced as the next head coach in a press conference on Monday at the school. Brewer is an assistant coach at Pensacola High School, and one was one of 5 candidates that formally interviewed for the job on Thursday.

No word yet on how May will pick the school's head coach. Check back for more information on this developing story.

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