Baytowne Marina Going Through Metamorphasis for ECBC

Sandestin, FL--Sandestin's Baytowne Marina is certainly a busy spot these days. That marina, starting Wednesday will host some 65 plus boats in the 10th annual Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. And that's going to require some boats moving in, and some moving out.

"Well what a lot of people may not realize," says Marina Director Captain Ron Heitman "is this time of year the marina is 100 percent full. And in the contract for our people that are here year-round, it stipulates they have to move for the tournament. Some of them are very happy about it, some of them are not so happy about it. I kind of call it my metamorphasis of the marina. It starts out with wine and cocktail boats and ends up with sportfishing and do all of that within one week."

About 140 boats coming and going in all. It's expected the event will top one million bucks in prize money again. The captain's party is Wednesday night, the boats depart Thursday, weigh-ins Friday from 4-9, Saturday 4 to 10.

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