Bert Reed and EJ Manuel talk about the season ahead and why Florida State should have lofty expectations this coming football season.

Tallahassee, FL-- We start tonight over in Tallahassee talking about the Florida State Seminoles, who certainly are putting the time in on the field under the blazing Florida sun. They are also putting in some time in terms of the public relations effort, also, in part, under the blazing Florida sun. Yesterday media day for Jimbo Fisher and the 'noles. The coaches and players having to pose for more than a few pictures, and unfortunately, that took place in the middle of the day, with the team shot coming on the metal endzone bleachers, which are like frying pans.
Fortunately most of the talking done inside in the air conditioning, Mark Vaughn catching up with the likes of Bay alum Bert Reed and the new starter at quarterback, EJ Manuel.

Bert Reed
FSU Senior Receiver

"I think we put our nose down, and work every day, and take it day to day then we'll be a great team, and we'll be where people expect us to be."

EJ Manuel
FSU Junior Quarterback

"I'm extremely excited. I feel like this is one of the best times for me to come in and be the starter because we have such a great team, we have great people on our team. The coaching staff is awesome, so I'm looking forward to the opportunity."

The 'noles coming off their first scrimmage of the weekend, have until September 3rd before they open, at home against Louisiana Monroe.

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