"Better Than Average" Academy Set to Begin in PCB

Panama City Beach, FL---Call it a start up program if you will, designed to build your kids up in a variety of ways. It's the brainchild of the owner of local gym and a former area high school football coach!

Since opening his own gym in PCB, Rock Pile owner Doug Durham has dreamed of starting a specialized training program aimed directly at kids 18 and under.

"We're calling the program "Anything But Average Academy" ABA." says Durham. "And that's what we're trying to accomplish, instead of waking up and going through your normal routine, we want you to be as good as you can be. In every area, whether it's school, whether it's taking care of the yard, being a better brother or sister, son, whatever. It's something that I've wanted to do for a long time. When I was coaching in college I did all the strength training at all the universities that I was working with. So when I stopped coaching I didn't want to stop training."

To accomplish all that, he's enlisted former Arnold head football coach James Hale, who after a year at Mariner High School downstate, stepped away from coaching, and is back in Bay County.

"Doug and I the last couple of years have talked about starting something on the beach, training athletes year-round." coach Hale tells us. "All phases of sports. He's a master of the basketball arena, I think I know about football. But it's not just that. We're gonna train them all development of an athlete year round. The weightlifting, running, self-discipline, the academics. Help them get scholarships. The whole thing in one ball of wax. That's what we're gonna try to accomplish here."

"I like working with somebody that likes to work." says Durham. "Coach Hale likes to work. He's pacing around, trying ideas, coming up with ways to make kids better."

The idea is to test the kids at first, like they did a few days ago. They will then design a regimen, Durham says, for each individual.

"We want to see what we've got. Then once we test and get this stuff on paper then we'll go about some pretty specific foot drills, with cones, and sand, sprints, tires. You know we're not gonna reinvent the wheel. We're just gonna do it better and harder than they've done it before."

The Anything But Average Academy will have another free testing session Monday from 4-6, parents bringing their kids can work out free in the gym while waiting. For more information call the Rock Pile at 850-249-7725.