Big Break Recruits at the Hombre G.C.

Panama City Beach, FL---Who knows, we just may see some golfers, recruited at the Hombre, appearing next year on the Golf Channel show "Big Break".

A crew from that show spending time at the Hombre Tuesday auditioning if you will, golfers who are taking part in this week's mini tour event there.

For those not familiar with the show, it puts together unknown pro golfers in a series of competitions, the winner gets a spot in a PGA, event, or even an LPGA tour card.

Brendan Havens is a "Big Break" producer.

"As far as the whole process goes, for how we evaluate it, we'll have them hit a series of golf shots on camera for us. Then they'll meet with myself or one of the other producers, for a face to face chat, for an interview."

And what determines who makes the cut?

"You know beyond the golf, we're definitely looking for personality. And it doesn't fit, necessarily a specific niche. But we're definitely looking for people that are comfortable in front of the camera. A good story goes a long way, people gotta relate to these guys."

And Brendan admits a certain sex appeal helps for the male and female players they recruit, again it works towards likeability.

The players recruited here and in other venues recently, if they make the cut, would appear on a Big Break sometime next spring.

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