Bill Mazeroski honored on anniversary of historic home run

PITTSBURGH, Pa- Wednesday was the 50th anniversary of Bill Mazeroski's titanic home run in game 7 of the 1960 World Series to beat the Yankees.

Mazeroski, who now lives a large part of the year in Panama City Beach, was back in Pittsburgh, at the site where Forbes Field used to be, the left field wall remains to this day. Ten of Maz's 1960 teammates, and a few thousand fans joining him to listen to a radio broadcast of that game, and to help dedicate a plaque commemorating what many believe was the greatest moment in Pittsburgh sports history. Maz, as humble as ever, was quick to point out it wasn't all about him.

"I get way too much credit for this thing." Mazeroski said. "I only hit one home run but it took all 25 guys to get to where we got. It's amazing that people have the memory and thought about that, it's just overwhelming."

You can catch Maz many days playing with his usual golf group out at the Hombre in P.C. Beach.

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