Blountstown and Liberty set to fight it out for the district title Friday night.

Blountstown/Bristol, FL-There are certainly some big games on tap Friday night on the high school slate, certainly one of the biggest, the Apalachicola River rivalry if you will. That's between Blountstown and Liberty. Those two will bang helmets in Bristol with the winner walking away with the 1-A district two title!

Greg Jordan
Blountstown Head Coach
"You know our kids didn't have any trouble getting motivated to play this ballgame. You know we're 7-1, 4 and oh in district, Liberty's 8-0 and 4 and oh. You know this is the second year in a row we've had an opportunity to play those guys for the outright district title. So the kids are excited and we're ready to play this week."

Greg Jordan
Liberty Head Coach
"It's just a big game, you know any time we play Blountstown. Of course it's a big rivalry game, but with the district title on the line it means a little bit more to the kids and the community I think. It's a little different than last year, last year we had to win that game to have a chance to move on to the playoffs. This year both teams are in the playoffs, so it's a little different feel all the way around this year."

That game set for 8 eastern time in Bristol, we will have the highlights for you tomorrow night.

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