Blue Devils Back in Bonifay, and A Bit Tired

Bonifay, FL---The celebration in Bonifay continues, but it was a tired bunch of Blue Devils doing some of that celebrating.

Coach Poe White and his boy's basketball team rolling in to the high school from Lakeland around 1:30 Thursday morning, so you can forgive them if they're a little bit tired.

Lakeland is where the Blue Devils beat West Gadsden in the 1A state championship game last night.

Chris Walker leading the way to the 59-40 win with 30 points, 15 boards and 7 blocks.

I spoke Thursday afternoon with coach White, who says he's still exhausted by it all, and it's still yet to sink in.

It's worth noting coach White lost his mother a couple of weeks ago, and he told me that's made it a bit tougher, it's been a roller coast of emotions for him.

He says he knows where his mother is and knows she was able to watch it and enjoy it all, but he wishes she was still here to celebrate it with him!

White says he's thrilled for the kids, they played their hearts out the last three weeks, all the way through the state tournament. Holmes won it's last 9 games.

The coach is still waiting to here about an official celebration at the school, and when we here about that we'll pass it on.