Boat C.E. Brings in Biggest Marlin at ECBC

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Sandestin, FL-- Saturday evening is always one of the more exciting times at the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic at the Sandestin Beach and Golf Resort.

The scales got bombarded with boats trying to throw up the fattest fish.

The odds on favorite coming into today was from the boat C.E. from Orange Beach, Alabama, who claimed to catch a 117 inch Blue Marlin Friday night.

After putting it up on the scale it did not disappoint, weighing in at a total of 613.4 pounds and is currently ranked number one in the Blue Marlin category.

C.E. Boat Captain Russell Craft was thrilled with his crew,

"It's absolutely beautiful weather. Perfect Crew. I got my buddy billy over there and Marlin...Scott my angler wherever he went. There he is. Perfect weekend, could not have done better."

As was Scott Cooper who was the Angler that brought in the large fish,

"My crew did a great job. Russell Craft and Hollis Legg did one awesome job. Billy Dixon on the graft. Marlon Brown, Joe Roe, Kevin Lario and Andrew Cooper. We could not have done this without an awesome team effort."

Scott Rossman: "How exciting was the fight and how long did it last?"

"It lasted an hour and forty seven minutes. It was exciting. It was very exciting. And once we put the gas in there and got her in the boat in reminded me of being in Miami this past year at the BCS game at about halftime"

Scott Rossman: Because you're an Alabama fan?

Scott Cooper: "Roll Tide!"

Scott Cooper and the crew Rolled Tide on that Marlin bringing in a smooth hundred and fifty thousand dollar check towards their aquatic excursions.

So congratulations to Captain Russell Craft, Angler Scott Cooper and the rest of the crew for doing a job well done.