Boats Depart for 10th Annual ECBC

SANDESTIN, FL- The 10th annual ECBC is under way tonight, with the fleet departing the Baytowne Marina Thursday morning.

Unfortunately the threatening weather in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend caused more than 30 teams to reconsider their entries in the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. So that leaves the field of boats fishing this year in the ECBC at 38.

Now among those 38 is a boat called Birdie Time and to say the least this team is coming off a very big win a couple weeks ago at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic when it hauled in this 721 pound marlin.

Scott Rossman asked, "Has it really sunk in two weeks later, that 721 pounder?" Chris Howat said, "Not yet, no I think it's gonna take awhile. It definitely sunk into my back though. "

"Yeah more importantly are you healed up from, what was it, a 7 hour fight?" added Rossman, "Yeah I think it took me, the best part of four days," said Howat. "But I think I'm pretty much there I tried to play golf and I think it was the worst golf game I displayed in three years, but I'm getting there. And to say the least the crew of Birdie Time is anxious to get this experience again. I sure would. I hope I get one that comes right to the boat, the top water and it's as easy as they say. We talk about it, I think that's all we talk about it. We're definitely ready to try and see another one. It might be a year it might be next week, you just don't know."

Rossman added, "It might be this weekend!"

Howat responded, "Yeah that would be really good but you, I don't know."

And among the other 37 teams competing against Birdie Time this weekend is a boat owned by famous chef Emeril Lagasse, we'll let you hear from him, get his thoughts on fishing this weekend

Weigh-ins set for Friday starting at 4 till 9, and again Saturday from 4 to 10 p.m.

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