Bobby Bowden on FSU Repeating, New Playoff System

FILE - In this Dec. 31, 2007 file photo, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden looks up towards the scoreboard during the first quarter against Kentucky in the Music City Bowl football game in Nashville, Tenn. Bowden will have to wait a little longer to find out if he'll lose up to 14 victories from his career coaching record. The NCAA gave its Committee on Infractions another week until June 2 to respond to Florida State's appeal of sanctions resulting from an academic cheating scandal. (AP Photo/Bill Waugh, File)
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Panama City, FL---Football diehards are already looking ahead to when their sport will return to the spotlight. As if we ever stop thinking about football.

Include legendary Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden in that group.

At the Florida State Panama City Campus golf outing, Coach talked FSU football and while last year provided Seminoles fans with one for the ages, Bobby says the challenge now is getting the team ready to repeat.

"Well a big thing again is keeping their heads level," said Bowden. "Because how many teams do you see repeat for the national championship? Not many, you know that. So you try to keep them hungry and wanting to win another one and wanting to be willing to work harder than they worked in the past. A lot of them don't want to work harder than they did in the past, you know? But trying to get them to do that, that's a big challenge."

A big challenge it will be indeed for the 2014 Seminoles to repeat. Only two teams have done so the last 20 years.

FSU begins that quest Wednesday when spring practice starts.

FSU won't be able to defend their 2013 BCS National Title, because there is no more BCS.

The upcoming season will see a new playoff system crown a champion, as four teams, not two, will battle from the title.

While some in the sport are excited for the change, Bobby is not one of them.

"I liked it the way it was," said Bowden. "They always got one vs. two and nobody cares about three and four. And so now they're gonna have four teams play and I don't know how it's gonna work out. Don't be surprised if in a couple of years they don't want to go the way it was. "

"My thought is all people want to see is a championship game. not a runner up game. The way the BCS was getting it, they we're getting it right every year. They we're getting one vs. two. And like I said, nobody gives a doggone about three or four. After two loses, nobody cares about them anymore."

FSU played in 25 percent of the BCS title games, 4 of 16, so you understand where Coach is coming from.