Bobby Talks About 2013 Seminoles, Jimbo Fisher

FILE - In this Dec. 31, 2007 file photo, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden looks up towards the scoreboard during the first quarter against Kentucky in the Music City Bowl football game in Nashville, Tenn. Bowden will have to wait a little longer to find out if he'll lose up to 14 victories from his career coaching record. The NCAA gave its Committee on Infractions another week until June 2 to respond to Florida State's appeal of sanctions resulting from an academic cheating scandal. (AP Photo/Bill Waugh, File)
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Panama City Beach, FL---Florida State coaching legend Bobby Bowden continues to "work the circuit" representing the school he helped put on the map!

Friday coach Bowden taking part in the annual golf fundraiser for Florida State Panama City, the 23rd time in the event's 24 years he's participated.

He played in both the morning and afternoon rounds, taking time to talk the players from each during lunch will fell in between the rounds.

Coach also making time to talk to us in between rounds, and we spoke with him about, among other things, this past season,
FSU's third national championship.

"I'll remember it as one of the best teams they've had." Bobby told us.
"I really don't know how good they are, they beat everybody so bad. To come back against Auburn like they did and win that game that showed you how good they are, which you don't know, all you know is that their dadgum good. It was good because you're hoping to see Florida State get back on top. You felt like they belonged there. And it's great to see them get back on top."

Coach went on to say he's proud of the job Jimbo Fisher is doing, winning a national title in just four years. Bowden adding he's not surprised, he's know Jimbo was going to make a great coach since the days Fisher was an assistant for Bobby's son Terry at Auburn.

As for defending that national title coach Bowden says the boys are going to have to guard against being overconfident, though Bobby says he's pretty sure Jimbo will do a good job of preventing that from happening.