Bobby Bowden set for book signings in Bay County Wednesday and Thursday.

Panama City, FL-- Bobby Bowden knows a little something about coaching national championship games, twice winning them in '93 and '99.
Stories from those seasons are part of Bobby's book "Called to Coach" and if you're thinking about getting one, Wednesday or Thursday will be the days to do so. You see Coach Bowden will be signing copies Wednesday of any books purchased location of University Gifts and Apparel between 5 and 8 pm. Then Thursday he'll move to the Panama City Mall location of University Gifts, also 5 to 8 pm.
For each book purchased, Coach Bowden will also sign an additional item bought in the store. We'll chat with coach Bowden tomorrow before the signing, get his thoughts on what it was like to watch FSU from a distance, in this his first season of retirement.

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