Bobby Bowden spends two days signing his book in Bay County and spoke with Mark Vaughn about his book tour and his first year of retirement.

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Panama City Beach, FL--Coach Bobby Bowden teamed up with sports writer Mark Schlabach to write his first book since retiring from coaching college football.
Coach is in town promoting the book at two book signings in Bay County.

Coach Bobby Bowden spent over a half a century as a college head coach, and he writes about many of his experiences in his latest book "Called to Coach."

"After 57 years of coaching there are experiences you've had that might can help some young coach, or boy or girl with," Coach Bowden said. "So I wrote the book. And I've been all over the country signing books."

In the book you'll find stories about some of his best players, and You'll also find out what coach thought about the end of his career at FSU.

"Talked about my last days and me wanting another year, and I didn't get it, but everybody's happy now anyway," added Bowden.

Coach Bowden spends much of his time on the road speaking, and now promoting this book, but he still finds time to watch his Noles.

"I thought the coaching staff did a good job and I thought the boys played well..." Bowden said "I enjoyed it because it was no pressure, usually when you coach it's pressure of winning. When you're not coaching you don't have to worry about what happens you know."

After 34 at Florida State coach still hasn't made the trip back to town since he left in January, but that has been by design.

"I was intentionally staying out of the way, letting the new coach get his feet on the ground and not looking over his shoulder."

Coach Bowden isn't roaming the Seminole Sidelines these days, but he still has a big following.

"He's a legend, he's a christian man, and he wins football games, all good things," said FSU-PC student Ty Jansma.

13 year old Bowden fan, Kevin German added, "He's awesome, he's my favorite coach ever, and FSU is my favorite team ever."

Coach signed his book at the Pier park and Panama City mall locations of University Gifts and Apparel.

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