Bowden Golfs in Local Fundraiser, Talks New Playoff Format

FILE - In this Dec. 31, 2007 file photo, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden looks up towards the scoreboard during the first quarter against Kentucky in the Music City Bowl football game in Nashville, Tenn. Bowden will have to wait a little longer to find out if he'll lose up to 14 victories from his career coaching record. The NCAA gave its Committee on Infractions another week until June 2 to respond to Florida State's appeal of sanctions resulting from an academic cheating scandal. (AP Photo/Bill Waugh, File)

Panama City Beach, FL---It seems former FSU coach Bobby Bowden is not a big fan of college football's soon to be implemented four team playoff system.

The Hall of Fame coach taking part in a golf fundraiser for FSU-Panama City Friday. It's an event he's participated in in 21 of it's 23 years.

After his morning round I asked coach Bowden about the big change since his retirement, the four team playoff format that's soon to go into effect. He says he doesn't like the idea!

"I don't care for it. Gosh I coached for 57 years, played ten years before that, we never had no playoff. They always get one and two right, who cares about three, nobody. They don't even care about two after they lose, you know it. So we're gonna get four teams, they used to get two and number three would be upset, because they should have been there. Now five's gonna be upset."

I then suggested to coach Bowden that had that four team format been around during the 80's and 90's, well he might have won a few more national championships.

"It would have given us a shot, that's one thing about it. We were close enough that we probably would have been in that top four a lot of times, who knows, we might have won it. Course, we kicked right we'd have won some more."

Coach Bowden says he's enjoying his retirement, living in Tallahassee, traveling the country for a variety of speaking engagements. For instance Thursday night he was in Danville, Illinois. Saturday he'll be in Birmingham for another speaking engagement.

He says the thing he's enjoying the most though these days, is golf. When he was coaching he says he could only play in April, May and June. Now he says he's playing just about every day. That is his exercise. And as he puts it, even though people say there's' not a lot of exercise in golf, there is when you're 83.