Bowden Reacts to Leaping Ahead of JoPa

Tallahassee, FL--Among the sanctions doled out to Penn State Monday in the wake of the Freeh report was the vacation of 112 Penn State wins dating back to 1998. 111 of those wins belonged to the late Joe Paternon.

Thus Paterno goes from 409 to 298 wins, which means Bobby Bowden becomes the winningest coach in Division One-A football with 377 wins.

Coach Bowden was locked in a fight with jopa in the years leading up to Bobby's ouster at FSU, those two within a win or two of each other.

Once Bobby stopped coaching, Paterno pulled away and it appeared as if he would forever be known as the winningest coach, even more than Grambling's Eddie Robinson, who was second in Division One with 408 wins.

Robinson is now the overall leader, and again Bobby the leader in Division One-A with 377 wins. As for taking over the mantle, here's what Bobby had to say about it Monday, speaking to Mike Vasilinda in Tallahassee.

"I'd like to rejoice," said Bowden "I'd like to say oh boy, but how can you do that? I mean somebody else, that thing had to happen up there for me to be the winningest coach. And I'd rather to have that thing not to have happened. And until they get some closure on that thing, I don't know how you're gonna celebrate it. We finished 9 holes and here comes a cart driving right down the middle. And that's usually bad news when somebody comes at me in a golf cart. And the guy had four or five phones and said you need to make these phone calls. And I said what happened? Well, Penn State got this and that, Joe Paterno's games taken away, you're now this or that. And I was thinking, well how can I enjoy this, how can I celebrate? I can't, I can't because of the circumstances you know."

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