Bowden Talks About Results of the Freeh Report

FILE - In this Dec. 31, 2007 file photo, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden looks up towards the scoreboard during the first quarter against Kentucky in the Music City Bowl football game in Nashville, Tenn. Bowden will have to wait a little longer to find out if he'll lose up to 14 victories from his career coaching record. The NCAA gave its Committee on Infractions another week until June 2 to respond to Florida State's appeal of sanctions resulting from an academic cheating scandal. (AP Photo/Bill Waugh, File)

It appears as if Bobby Bowden is just as disappointed and disgusted by what came out in the Freeh report Thursday as anybody.

That report blasted Joe Paterno and other higher ups at Penn State for actively covering up the actions of former coach Jerry Sandusky, who's now in prison for sexually abusing young boys over a decade plus.

Speaking on a sports radio show Thursday in Atlanta coach Bowden said "It was sad, of course it's been sad for several months because I was wondering how it was gonna come out. I was wondering if Joe was going to be able to convince them that he did not know what was happening. But the Freeh report showed the other side of that, that they knew and they covered it up. So it's sad. You know when you see a bad guy go down, that makes you happy. But when you see a good guy go down, that makes you sad, and that's the kind of way I felt about it."

Coach Bowden agrees with the idea of removing the statue of Paterno from outside the stadium up there. He says it's a constant reminder of this awful set of events, and removing it would be helpful in terms of everyone moving on.